Debt Free Companies In India

Debt Free Companies In India

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Debt Free Companies In India –

In this post, we will discuss the debt free companies in India. Debt simply means a loan, whenever companies need money for their operations or other activities then they raise money through debt. Taking debt is usually a normal thing in a business, but having a high debt is a bad sign for a company. Many companies in India have zero debt.

Debt Free Companies In India

More than 550 companies listed on NSE have zero debt.

Companies With Zero Debt Sorted By Market Cap Greater Than 10,000 Cr –

Sr. No.NameMarket Capitalization
1Life Insurance Corporation of India423142.38 Cr
2SBI Life Insurance Company Ltd114024.88 Cr
3Bharat Electronics Ltd57856.92 Cr
4Procter & Gamble Hygiene and Health Care Ltd43484.42 Cr
5HDFC Asset Management Company Ltd38654.17 Cr
6CRISIL Ltd25252.22 Cr
7General Insurance Corporation of India19666.85 Cr
8Nippon Life India Asset Management Ltd17270.84 Cr
9Gillette India Ltd16125.54 Cr
10New India Assurance Company Ltd14774.32 Cr
11National Standard (India) Ltd13218.90 Cr
12Brightcom Group Ltd10856.41 Cr
13Castrol India Ltd10148.44 Cr

Zero Debt Indian Companies Sorted By Market Cap Greater Than 1,000 Cr –

Sr. No.NameMarket Capitalization
1Lakshmi Machine Works Ltd9431.39 Cr
2UTI Asset Management Company Ltd8136.30 Cr
3IDFC Ltd7447.64 Cr
4Tata Investment Corporation Ltd7060.79 Cr
5Procter & Gamble Health Ltd6956.29 Cr
6VST Industries Ltd4798.73 Cr
7Rossari Biotech Ltd4707.36 Cr
8Maharashtra Scooters Ltd4147.67 Cr
9Kennametal India Ltd4118.28 Cr
10JSW Holdings Ltd3661.90 Cr
11Elantas Beck India Ltd3072.88 Cr
12Techno Electric & Engineering Company Ltd3053.60 Cr
13MOIL Ltd3051.24 Cr
14Hathway Cable & Datacom Ltd3051.24 Cr
15Vakrangee Ltd2643.46 Cr
16Voltamp Transformers Ltd2471.07 Cr
17VST Tillers Tractors Ltd2237.05 Cr
18Vesuvius India Ltd2104.91 Cr
19Jai Corp Ltd1998.56 Cr
20Bajaj Consumer Care Ltd1995.49 Cr
21Swaraj Engines Ltd1940.08 Cr
22Bhansali Engineering Polymers Ltd1804.22 Cr
23Alembic Ltd1706.37 Cr
24Den Networks Ltd1653.59 Cr
25Shanthi Gears Ltd1632.45 Cr
26Wardwizard Innovations & Mobility Ltd1395.14 Cr
27Reliance Industrial Infrastructure Ltd1352.96 Cr
28Cressanda Solutions Ltd1223.39 Cr
29Sirca Paints India Ltd1202.22 Cr
30G M Breweries Ltd1043.39 Cr
31Foseco India Ltd1030.70 Cr

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