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Why Mental Analysis Is Important

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Before entering into the technical analysis and fundamental analysis, I would like to talk little bit about Mental analysis. Trading is mental game, I mean obviously you should know about technical analysis but the mental condition of the person who is trading is also important. Your emotions, feelings does affect the trading. So before entering into the any trade, your mental health should be good.

Why Mental Analysis is important –

In trading, you are not going to make money everyday, so you should be ready for that. Also you should not be disappoint if the the trade goes against you. First of all you have to treat trading like a business. Trading skills comes from learning and most important from experience.

Don’t attach yourself to any trade, accept if your wrong and exit that’s the best way to deal with your mental health. Don’t think what and if and any other possibilities of that trade. If you do that, you will get depress, so move on and find other trade. Otherwise you will lose more money and will blow your account. As I told you earlier you will not make money in every trade.

Instead of concentrating on imaginary numbers concentrate on reality. Don’t do any calculations based on imaginary numbers, that what makes us depress. Also don’t accept imaginary targets, trade based on your research, book loss or profit and move on.

Hope is the reason for many traders to loose money in the market. Instead of hope follow your research means stop loss and target. Otherwise you will end up losing all your many. Look we all do mistake that’s not the point, the point is learn from the mistake and move on. Don’t repeat the same mistake again and again. Otherwise the only one thing you will do is REGRET.

In stock market the most important thing is staying as long as you can in the game. If you think about it then your mental analysis is good.


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